Zed Nelson
Disappearing Britain
Yorkshire miners

Dick Myers. Pit Deputy.

“I’ve started applying for jobs already. I’ll do anything that’ll pay my mortgage. My brother was made redundant at another pit last week. The spirit has gone now, nobody cares anymore. The men here have had their wages cut, some of them by up to £100 per week. I’ve been working with one lad, 27 years old, with a wife and two kids, and he’s taking home £139 a week. The system that’s been introduced is unfair: Some men are on a lot of money, and other men are on nothing. Morale is low and it’s getting harder. I’m under pressure from management... it’s my job as a deputy to make the lads do this or that, but if I were in their situation I wouldn’t do it. Would you? For £139 per week?”